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 About Cypress Forest Life Village

Alishan is a famous tourism site recognized by the world. Since Japanese Occupation Period, it has been called as the top three Taiwan forestry along with Taipingshan and Baxianshan. Chiayi City is also the start point of Alishan forest railway. The whole city in Taiwan ,Chiayi City still keeps many hundred-year old architecture from the era of logging , which is not only the pride of Chiayi but also the most valuable culture asset in Taiwan .

Cypress Forest Life Village was originally the dormitories of Chiayi Forest, Forestry Bureau, Taiwan Governor General Office in Japanese Occupation Period. It was also the earliest forestry village in Taiwan, as well as the only wood-structure buildings settlement being preserved,and the area about 3.4 hectares.(About 1600 meters away from the east ofChiayi Station .It takes 15 about minutes by walking along Linsen Road, or about 5 minutes by taking cars.)Japanese built Alishan Forestry Railway to exploit the cypress resource in Alishan. The railway started from Beimen Station, Chiayi, where the logs being transported down the mountain were centered. Because of this, there had many log storage lots, wood material stores, and manufacturing factories, bringing up the commercial development of the neighboring areas.

Cypress Forest Life Village is full of monuments including twenty-eight historic buildings(26wooden buildings and two RC reinforce concrete construction buildings),including the historic site: Alishan Forest Club, director's official residences, guest house ,public bathhouse, dormitories…..Its range is divided into north and south Linsen Road area,In the past , and south of area was a Japanese official residences of senior officials ,and the north area was the grassroots staff dormitories, but now is become the “Fined Agricultural Area boutique”area.

Cypress Forest Life Village retain the 28 historic wooden buildings are all using cypress wood,and the building materials are using cypress. Considering the preservation of the historical building and the current condition of the existing houses, After four years of renovations ,we planned 28 cypress dormitories in Japanese wood-structure architecture with the concept of Chiayi’sforestry culture to represent the traditional Japanese cypress buildings for the visitors to enjoy the urban-like Japanesegarden sentiment.

Cypress Forest Life Village is not only Taiwan's first forest village, but also the first cultural and creativeforest park, and is the largest Japanese-style buildings in Taiwan.We offer you a cultural and creative leisure places of cultural value and creativity.We hope you can visit Cypress Forest Life Village in personally to see these beautiful houses.We look forward to continuing writing this story with you in the future!